Getting to CALM at Rogers

What Do We Need Right Now?
In the short term, which is now, one of our goals is to have our school’s image and reality be a CALM school. We know that in order for students to be ready to learn, their brains and bodies must be calm and alert and the environment in which they learn must be calm and conducive to learning. There is a far better chance of optimal learning to occur for each child with fewer distractions.

With optimal learning in mind, we have come up with a few expectations to have us get started on being calmer than ever before.  With parent support, we know we can get ut short term goal happening this week, if we all work together!

How can we make it happen
To be well rested
Ensure child gets a proper sleep
To have healthy nutrition
Healthy breakfast, snacks & lunch
To start morning calm
Stress free morning time
To be prepared and organized
Homework is complete & agenda is read

How can we make it happen
To have safe parking lot
Drop off kids on Rogers avenue
Park on the outside of the circle ONLY
Drop off ONLY in drop off zone
Staff parking is reserved for staff ONLY
To have quiet hallways in the morning
Parents say goodbye outside
Students line up outside
To have quiet quiet hallways at dismissal
Parents pick up outside
Inside pick up – on stairs across from gym
To have quiet during announcements
Everyone STOPS talking during announcements

Together we are calm, alert and ready to learn!


Student Plan

Grade 3 student, Bailee worked on a plan to help make Rogers the best place it can be. She created a list of 5 important ideas.
1. Pick up after others.
2. be nice to everyone.
3. Respect everyone, even teachers.
4. Recycle what can be recycled.
5. If someone is lonely, ask if they would like to play with you.


Class Behavioral Expectations

Students work on creating their classroom Behavioral Expectations. Division 13, a grade 5 class works in cooperative teams to come up with lists of expectations for the classroom. These expectations are generated by the students and become the "Class Agreement" for behaviors.

Cooperation and collaboration foster creative thinking and excellent results!


Home Matrix

At Rogers, our belief is, "We care about ourselves, each other and this place."

We have a matrix (click here to see the school matrix) that helps to remind students of expected behaviors in various places in the school: classroom, hallways, bathrooms, assemblies, playgrounds and at lunchtime. For each one of these areas, we have explicit behaviours that are expected in relation to ourselves, each other and this place.

We encourage our families to adopt our school belief at home too. We have created a template for families to use at home (click here to see the home matrix). Simply print the matrix and work with your children to create expected behaviours in each of the three category areas. There are examples on the matrix. When you are done, you can post the matrix on the fridge.

Have fun showing what you care about at home!!


Catching Students Caring!

Staff at Rogers have been employing the 5 to 1 ratio, for every one corrective statement made, five statements of affirmation are made.

As part of our commitment to the Positive Behavior Support model at Rogers, the staff is focusing on noticing and recognizing exceptional demonstrations of caring from students. Our Rogers belief is, "WE care about ourselves, each other and this place".

Staff have been handing out "Catching Students Caring" notes to students when they notice exceptional demonstrations of caring from students. The students then put the notes in the box on our "Catching Students Caring" bulletin board and they are hung up daily.

The board is filling up fast!



The Student Lunch Monitors at Rogers met in January to develop a clear set of lunch time (in class 20 minutes eating time) expectations for students when they are eating lunch in their classrooms.

These lunch expectations fit into the Rogers Positive Behavior Support Matrix of "We care about ourselves, each other and this place". There are three explicit behaviors listed in each of the three categories to identify how students can show that they:
1. Care about themselves at lunch.
2. Care about each other at lunch
3. Care about themselves at lunch.

Thanks to the lunch monitors for contributing to the school at lunch time and thanks
to Ms. Hazon for coordinating the lunch monitors at Rogers!


We care about SNOW at Rogers

Sometimes we get snow here in Victoria! This snow is wonderful! Most of your children love it!

When it snows, we relay a “We care” snow message to your children. Please reinforce this message to your child(ren):

At Rogers, we care about ourselves in the snow by:
· Wearing gloves/mittens outside to protect our precious hands
· Rolling or sliding in the snow only if we have winter pants and jacket on (otherwise we are wet for the rest of the day or need to call a family member to bring warm, dry clothes)

At Rogers, we care about others in the snow by:
· Keeping snow on the ground, rather than throwing it at others
· Making snowballs into snowmen, not projectiles
· Taking turns on the sliding hill

At Rogers, we care about this place in the snow by:
· Brushing the snow off ourselves before we come into the school (so it does melt onto our clothes and leave them wet, or track snow through the hallways)
· Stomping the packed snow off our boots, before we get into the school

Thanks for your help with spreading the message about snow at school! The snow matrix can be found by clicking HERE.


The Gallery Walk

On Friday, October 29th all of the students at Rogers took part in a Gallery Walk. They had the pleasure of walking through or outside of every classroom to see the work that each class had done to demonstrate their committment to the Rogers Belief, "We care about ourselves, each other and this place". Every class spent about 2 minutes in each room, for a total of approximately 32 minutes on the Gallery Walk. Students did a reflection summary of everything that they saw on their tour. What a wonderful way to share the learning and build school community!
(By the way, it was a school spirit day: orange and black day.)

Division 3: Kindergarten

Division 3 has photo collages to show themselves demonstrating that they care about ourselves, each other and this place. Beautiful work!

Divison 10; Grade 3

Division 10 created a matrix about the lunch expectations of Rogers, showing how they care about themselves, each other and this place at lunch. Very nice work!

Division 12: Grade 3

Division 12 created a bulletin board with a variety of ways to show that the care at Rogers!
Great visuals for all to see!

Division 2: Kindergarten

Division 2 has many photos on their bulletin board of the students showing the behavioral expectations in the hallways, classroom and playground. Kindergarten is where all of the school routine development begins! Excellent work class!

Division 15: Grade 5

Division 15 created brainstorming webs to list various ways that they show they care about ourselves, each other and this place.


Division 16: Grade 5

Division 16 created posters to show how they care about themselves each other and this place on the playground at Rogers!

Division 13: Grade 4

Division 13's bulletin board is made of scripts describing the way students show they care about themselves, each other and this place in the classroom.

Division 8: Grade 2

Division 8 is showing the formation of our CARE gestures for, "We care about ourselves, each other and this place."



On Friday, October 29th at 11:00 am, all of the classes at Rogers will take part in viewing each others' Belief work in a Gallery Walk format. Some classes have created books, others have Bulletin Boards and other have made class quilts to demonstrate our belief, "We care about ourselves, each other and this place". Classes will walk around to each class to view the work. We are celebrating the hard work that has been done on creating and messaging our school wide belief and our behavioral expectations.


Division 7's Caring Quilt

Division 7's grade twos have created a quilt of caring to show how they care about themselves, each other and this place.

Division 5's Grade One Caring

Division 5's grade one class has written ways that they will show that they care about themselves each other and this place in their classroom. They have posted their ideas and drawings on a bulletin board outside of their classroom! Good work!



Here is the kindergarten class, Mrs. Shortt's Division One's who are buddies with Mrs. Gauk's Grade Two class! Working together has so many benefits and joys! Have a look at the Bulletin Board when you stop by room 14!



Mrs. Gauk's grade 2 class is proud to show how they care about the buddy class, Division One Kindergarten, that they work with every week. See their bulletin board outside room 14.



Students are learning about the Rogers School Belief with a focus on our school expectations. As well, another message at Rogers is, "Rogers is a BULLY-FREE zone". The grade three classes had a lesson on Friday where the goal of the lesson was, "To know the difference between the bully, the bullied and the bystander." Each grade three class came up with a brainstorm web of ideas to help with the descriptions of each. Our aim is to provide the students with the knowledge that help equip them to be better informed about bullying.


Assembly Expectations

Our students have been working on six explicit behavioural expectations during assemblies to show that they care about themselves, each other and this place. Today, we practiced standing tall as we faced the Canadian flag to sing O Canada.
The students were proud and patriotic citizens.
Excellent job everyone!